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Collaborate to Learn & Improve

Hunie is a community where creatives collaborate through constructive peer-to-peer critiques.

Feedback is from Customers. Critiques are from your Peers.

Be Consistently Constructive

We encourage you to give constructive critiques that goes beyond the usual, 'wow, that's cool' type of comments.

Collaborate with Peers

Design is a collaborative process and takes two to tango. Here you tango with more than two to improve your work.

Engage Beyond Metrics

Engage with peers beyond follows, likes and views. Engage through meaningful critiques and collaboration.

A Community of Experts Passionate About Helping

Get critiques on your work from creatives at

Oh and Three More Things

Stay Private

The work you submit is shared only within the Hunie community and nowhere else.

Be an Expert Beyond 400x300

Earn karma points by giving constructive critiques and improve your reputation.

Stay Organized

Working on several things at once? Keep track with projects.

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